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Sports Performance Eyecare

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Vision and Eyesight are Crucial to Sports Performance and Results

Visual Skills & Optimal Sports Performance

Athletics require visual skills that go beyond 20/20 vision. In fact, simply because an eye doctor has declared that you have perfect vision, it does not mean that your visual skills are perfect. There are number of factors that contribute to good vision including peripheral awareness, depth perception and hand-eye coordination. Each of these skills is essential to optimal athletic performance in any sport, including tennis, racquetball, golf, football, soccer, basketball and baseball. Vision therapy or sports eyewear can help you perform better in any of these disciplines.

Identifying Weakness in Visual Skills

While many people simply focus on basic vision, it is possible to identify and address weaknesses in your overall visual skills. Most professional athletes have doctors test their vision on a regular basis. Our optometrists are very knowledgeable in this field. Through tests, they are able to clearly identify weaknesses and address them accordingly.

Testing Your Sports Vision

Tests can be specifically designed for individual sports, focusing specifically on the skills required to reach optimal performance. An expert will design tests that address your sports focus. During testing, an eye doctor will begin with a regular complete exam. He or she will then follow up with other testing which will likely include computerized tests that identify hand eye coordination and reaction times. You may additionally encounter three-dimensional holographic images that mimic real life situations. Observation on the field may be required to gain a greater understanding of your visual aptitude. They may observe games and tape to get a full picture of your performance.

Addressing Weaknesses

Once an Apex Vision optometrist has identified any weaknesses in your visual skills, they may take a number of different approaches. In some cases, a single visit to be fitted for sports eyewear may be all that is required. There are a number of goggle and glass options that can enhance your direct and peripheral vision, and these can be specifically tailored to your sport. However, if issues are more complex, your optometrist may recommend a complete visual training program. Visual therapy sessions go beyond simply addressing the eyes, but they begin to address both the eyes and brain. Both systems are intricately linked and issues in hand eye coordination or response time need to be addressed through the connection between your vision and brain. There are several methods that can be used to address issues, and your doctor will tailor a program that fits your needs along with the demands of your sport.

Important Information to Know

What sports require enhanced vision?

Really all sports use vision skills and movement, so expect better results if we ensure vision and visual appliances are optimized for performance. Some sports rely heavily on distance vision such as archery and baseball. Some depend more on peripheral vision such as racket sports and fast moving sports.

Next Steps

Play Your Best by Consulting an Optometry Professional

Athletics involves a complex system of skills, and each sport requires a combination of vision, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and depth perception. Therefore, if you are serious about athletics, it is essential that you are addressing your overall visual aptitude. To address these needs, you need to contact a knowledgeable professional that can provide optimal vision therapy or sports eyewear in Edmonton/ Callingwood.