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Dry Eye Exam & Treatment

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The Benefits of Our Dry Eye Exam at Apex Vision

Do You Have Dry Eye?

Dry eye disease is a fairly common condition among adults. About 30% of people suffer from it. Because of how common it is, there are special dry eye options and treatments that we recommend to you feel that you may suffer from dry eye in Edmonton/Callingwood.

First Steps in Determining Dry Eye Disease

The first step is a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist at Apex Vision who will determine what type of dry eye you suffer from and the best form of treatment. There are so many options for patients to help relieve dry eye symptoms and irritation. Don’t continue to suffer…book an appointment and consultation today.

Testing & Treatment for Dry Eye Disease

Those with diabetes are at a higher risk for eye disease, so it is important to be aware of the following symptoms:

  • Specialized Equipment: Diagnosing the cause of dry eye disease is an important step in the treatment process. If dry eyes are caused by a gland disorder or blockage, you have to treat that issue rather than the normal symptoms of dry eye disease. Some of the specialized tools include dyes used to show blockages and other issues in the eyelid, LipiView Ocular Surface Interferometer, LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System and other specialized tools that help diagnose and treat dry eye disease and related eye issues.
  • After Eye Surgery Treatment: If you have a surgery, one of the after effects can be dry eye disease. If you go to a clinic that has a specialized dry eye area, then your entire treatment can be in one place. This means you can get dry eye recommendations, eye exams and all follow ups in the same location, which can be very convenient. When you go to an optometrist who is trained and specializes in dry eye, they know the latest in technology, drops and vitamins that can have immediate relief from annoying dry eye symptoms such as red eyes, itchy eyes and tearing.
  • Shop for Dry Eye Supplies: Apex Vision carries a wide variety of dry eye products and treatment supplies on hand from over the counter topical drops to nutraceuticals and vitamins developed to treat Dry Eye disease.
  • Eyelid Cleaning: At Apex Vision, they realize that the eyelid hygiene is very important. You will be able to get your eyelid professionally cleaned, which can save you pain from blepharitis, which is a swelling of the eyelid due to gland blockages.

Important Information About Dry Eyes

What are some of the symptoms of dry eye disease?

Common symptoms include red eyes, sore eyes, itchy eyes, burning or burning sensation, fatigued and hard to keep open, contact lenses uncomfortable, blurred vision, tearing, gritty or feeling of particles in the eye.

Are allergies and dry eyes linked in some way?

Dry eyes and allergies are linked, according to Allaboutvision.com. Studies show that dry eyes are more prevalent and pronounced during peak allergy seasons.

of Canadians are Affected by Dry Eyes

Next Steps

Stop Suffering from Dry Eye Disease and Consult our Optometrist

If you have dry eye in Edmonton, you want to go to an eye doctor that will be able to treat your disease accurately and efficiently. Come visit Apex Vision Optometrists in Callingwood and receive the right treatment for your dry eye concerns.