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Contact Lens Exam & Treatment

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We Ensure You Get the Best Advice on Contact Lens Technology

Step 1: The Contact Lens Eye Exam

Mandatory requirement before fitting any patient is to have a comprehensive eye exam for contact lenses. During this contact lens exam, your eye doctor will check your vision and write a prescription for corrective lenses/ or just contact lenses. He or she will also check for any eye health problems or other issues that may cause problems with contact lens wear. The eye doctor checks the ocular surface (front surface) of the eye to ensure it in healthy shape for comfortable contact lens wear.

Step 2: The Contact Lens Fitting

The initial fitting starts with understanding the patient lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lens wear. With so many options in contact lenses, from daily wear, two week and monthly wear as well as colored disposable choices, we want to help you make the most accurate choice. Your Apex Vision optometrist will recommend the best option for your vision, prescription and lifestyle.

We also fit contact lenses for harder to fit prescriptions with Astigmatism (Toric contact lenses), Bifocal/ Progressive (Monovision or Multifocal contact lenses) and high powers and steep curves. Once we have this all determined we move on to trialing and fitting.

Step 3: Fitting & Measuring

Eyes and contact lenses come in different sizes and shapes. One size does not fit all or one type does not work for all. Contact lens comfort is highly affected by the fit and movement of the lens on the eye. Your optometrist will take measures of the front surface of the eye and determine which contact lens design and size will fit best.

Step 4: Trial

Most contact lens patients will be fitted with a set of trial lenses (some prescriptions will require a custom lens not available in a trial form). With lenses in place, your doctor will use the slit lamp to evaluate the position and movement of the lenses as you blink and look in different directions. You may be sent home to trial the lenses for a week or so and return before purchasing a supply of lenses. This is to ensure the patient is adapting well to the material, the fit, and the type of lens being trialled. During this trial, if you are a first time wearer, you will go through a full training on how to insert, remove and care for your new contact lenses. Most patients who are motivated to wear contact lenses learn this stage very quickly and become proficient in a minimal amount of time.

Important Information About Contacts

Are you interested in Contacts?

We can fit most prescriptions in contact lenses so please ask one of our eyecare experts. Contact lens technology has evolved rapidly and with today’s variety of contact lens materials, there are lenses for just about everyone. The first step to being fit for contact lenses is a comprehensive eye exam. After the contact lens exam we schedule separate contact lens fitting session. This can often be done the same day but takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete. Please indicate to the receptionist upon booking your appointment that you are interested in contact lenses.

Next Steps

Maintaining Healthy Eyes While Wearing Contact Lenses


Your eye doctor will schedule a follow-up visit so they can confirm the lenses you chose are fitting your eyes properly and that your eyes are able to adapt to contact lens wear. Sometimes a dye may be used to see how the lenses are moving on the eye surface and if they are causing damage to your cornea or making your eyes become too dry. There are so many options that if this occurs you can be refitted in another type or design of lens or material. If your eyes are dry, topical eye drops designed for compatibility with contact lenses can be prescribed.

Annual Contact Lens Exam

We recommend a yearly contact lens exam so we can continue to evaluate your comfort and eye health. Buy an annual supply of contact lenses today and save with our bulk offers! Ask your eyecare professional at Apex Vision.